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Unveiling the Price Tag: How Much Is a Dash Cam Worth Investing In?

So, are dash cams worth investing in? Well, in a world where hit and runs, fraudulent claims, and car accidents and disputes exist, a dash cam can be the difference between receiving a pay out, and having to pay out. 

Lets dive a little deeper into how dash cams can be a beneficial investment:

  1. Evidence in case of accidents: Dash cams record video footage of the road ahead & the road behind you. This can be crucial in serving as valuable evidence in case of accidents or collisions, providing an unbiased record of events and can help clarify what actually happened, potentially protecting you from false claims or providing evidence for insurance purposes.

  2. Insurance claims and disputes: Dash cam footage simplifies the claims process with insurance companies. As point one mentions, dash cams provide visual evidence that can support your side of the story, speed up the claims process, and potentially prevent disputes, streamlining claims - allowing them to be sorted quickly and with greater accuracy.

  3. Protection against fraud: In a world where potential criminals adopt the act of "crash for cash", these cases of insurance fraud (mainly staged accidents or intentional collision), are where fraudsters try to take advantage of innocent drivers. A dash cam can capture these incidents, helping to expose fraudulent activities and protect you from being wrongly implicated.

  4. Hit-and-runs and parking incidents: If your vehicle is involved in a hit-and-run or a car park incident, having a dash cam can provide crucial evidence to identify the responsible party, whether it's another car or a trolley rolling into your vehicle. Hit-and-runs are often difficult to resolve due to the lack of witnesses, but with a dash cam as your witness, you have a higher chance of capturing the culprit's number or other identifying details, such as appearance.

  5. Monitoring driving behaviour: Some newer and more technologically advanced dash cams come with features like GPS tracking, speed monitoring, and lane discipline warnings. These features can help you monitor your driving behaviour, encourage safer habits, and even potentially lower your insurance premiums.

  6. Capturing memorable moments: Aside from the practical & more serious benefits, a dash cam can also capture memorable moments during your journeys. You may record beautiful landscapes, interesting events, or unexpected encounters, which can be shared with whomever you desire.

Okay, so we've covered the reasons, now lets get stuck into the nitty-gritty questions & answers:

How much is a Dash Cam?

Here at Road Angel, we sell Dash Cams at a starting price of £99.99, ranging through to £899.99, if you desire to have a built-in speed camera detector. Sometimes we sell dash cams for less than £99.99 if we have a sale or offer on, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

The price of a dash cam does vary from company to company, but each dash cam has it's own features and benefits, and if you go too cheap then you may be sacrificing build-quality and durability for price.

How much is it to install a Dash Cam?

Dash Cam, Dash Cams, Dash Cam Installation

This is an interesting one. Technically speaking, the cost of how much it is to install a dash cam is free. That's if you decide to do the dash cam install yourself. If you decide to get someone else to fit it for you, you can expect to pay around £50-£80, dependant on if you are fitting a single dash cam or a rear-facing dash cam also.