Introducing Road Angel Halo Dash Cams: Your Guardian Angel on the Road

Introducing Road Angel Halo Dash Cams: Your Guardian Angel on the Road

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Road Angel, the pioneers of speed awareness products, has been dedicated to ensuring road safety for over 20 years. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we have become the industry leader in producing high-quality dash cams.

Our multi-award-winning range of dash cams, speed awareness tools, and accessories are designed and engineered in the UK, addressing the specific needs and requirements of our customers. It's no wonder that our products have received rave reviews from experts and users alike, including being awarded the prestigious Which Best Buy titles for our Halo Ultra 4K and Halo Pro dual dash cams. 

Here's what sets Road Angel Dash Cams apart and makes them a favourite among reviewers and industry professionals.

3-Year Warranty

When you invest in a Road Angel Dash Cam, we provide you with peace of mind. Our dash cams come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, ensuring that you're protected against any unforeseen issues. If your dash cam experiences any problems within this period, we'll replace it at no cost to you. 

No Screens and No Distractions

Unlike our competitors, our dash cams are designed without screens. Screens on dashcams can cause significant distractions, leading users to position them in a way that obstructs their view and potentially violates the law. We've intentionally eliminated screens from our dashcams to prioritise safety and minimise distractions. After all, you don't need a screen to capture and record crucial footage.

Always-on Parking Mode

Road Angel Dash Cams feature our innovative Always-on Parking Mode. Unlike battery-driven parking modes found in other products, our dash cams record 24/7, ensuring you capture not only the events but also their causes and aftermaths. This feature provides added security for your vehicle and even your home, as the dash cam can serve as a surveillance tool when parked in your driveway. With built-in battery monitoring, our dash cams intelligently preserve your vehicle's battery life, switching to impact-only mode if the battery power drops, guaranteeing your car is always protected.

Rear Cam with Always-on Parking Mode

Our commitment to comprehensive coverage extends to our rear dash cams as well. Both the front and rear cameras are equipped with our Always-on Parking Mode, ensuring continuous recording for enhanced security. With Road Angel, you can rest assured that both ends of your vehicle are covered. 

High-Speed Wi-Fi

All Road Angel Dash Cams are equipped with superfast Wi-Fi capabilities. This feature enables lightning-fast transfer of videos and pictures from your dashcam to your smartphone or smart device. Sharing important footage with your insurance company or anyone else becomes effortless, thanks to our high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Super High-Quality Lens

We've made significant investments in incorporating superior high-quality lenses and image sensors into our dash cams. This results in crystal-clear, high-resolution video footage with exceptional colour accuracy and clarity. When the time comes, you can rely on your Road Angel Dash Cam to be your guardian angel, providing undeniable evidence.

Night Mode

Road Angel Dash Cams come equipped with Night Vision capabilities, ensuring that you capture the highest possible quality footage even in low-light conditions. You can trust our dash cams to perform flawlessly, day or night.

Specially Developed SD Cards

Recognising the continuous recording demands of our dash cams, we've specially developed high-density SD cards that can handle constant use without breaking down. With Road Angel Dash Cams, you can rely on uninterrupted recording without worrying about SD card failures.

Battery-Free Design

Unlike our competitors who incorporate batteries into their dash cams, Road Angel Dash Cams do not rely on batteries. This design choice is driven by our understanding of the temperature fluctuations experienced by windshields. Extreme temperature changes, from sub-zero to high temperatures, can irreparably damage dash cam batteries and cause premature failure. By eliminating the battery, our dash cams remain unaffected by rapid temperature changes, ensuring their longevity and reliability. 

Winter Mode

During winter months, many dash cams cease to function due to frozen windshields. However, Road Angel Dash Cams, when hardwired, feature a Winter Mode that prevents snow and ice build-up around the camera, allowing it to continue being your guardian angel even in harsh weather conditions. 

Automotive Standards

Our dash cams are designed and manufactured to automotive standards, meeting the same high-quality standards as your car manufacturer. This commitment to excellence has made Road Angel the approved dash cam supplier for numerous car manufacturers and the go-to choice for many aftermarket car dealers and supermarkets. 

Exceptional Customer Support

At Road Angel, we understand the importance of excellent customer support. We provide comprehensive customer support services, including warranty and returns assistance. Customers can call our dedicated support line at 0330 320 30 30 to resolve any issues they may encounter. We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible, taking the stress and worry off your shoulders.

Choose the Best

Road Angel Dash Cams have been recognised by Which Best Buy for their outstanding performance and features. Our Halo Ultra 4K Dash Cam won the prestigious Which Best Buy 4K Dash Cam in 2022, while the Halo Pro dual dash cam was awarded Which Best Buy Dash Cam 2023 for the best dual cam. These accolades demonstrate the superior quality and reliability of our products. 

With Road Angel Dash Cams, you can trust that you have a reliable and trustworthy guardian angel on the road. Experience the difference and drive with confidence.