Parking Mode, it is needed and what does it mean?

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The dictionary definition we would say; “Parking mode” or “sentry mode” as it is known to some is the ability for a dash cam to keep recording footage even when the vehicle’s engine is off. Most dashcams require a dedicated hardwire kit to enable this.

Why do you need this?

The ability to record when the vehicle is not in motion and the engine is off; enables the you to have 24-hour protection. This is great if you park overnight in the street or your vehicle will be left alone parked up for a period of time.

Our Road Angel Halo range of dashcams are fitted with a G-Sensor which detect external vibrations or a sudden change in direction. This vibration or sudden change of direction can be, a car hitting yours, your car hitting another, going around a sharp corner too fast, going over speed bumps too fast or heavy rain hitting the windscreen. (depends on the sensitivity of the G-Sensor setting). This feature LOCKS the file so it is not overwritten by the loop recording feature. This is keeping all the important files safe whilst recording, this is available in normal recording modes and parking mode.

In Parking Mode, the Halos also record motion that is detected by the camera’s internal sensor and locks it away safely like the G-Sensor. This may help in the event someone tried to break into your car, break into the car in front or behind.

How do you get this feature?

The parking mode feature is found on all of our Road Angel Halos. All you need is a hardwiring kit HWK5V (Halo Go and Drive) or HWK12V (Halo Pro) and a professional installer to fit it.

Don’t get caught off guard, get a Road Angel Halo and get it hardwired.