24 Hour CCTV Dual Purpose Dash Camera’s

24 Hour CCTV Dual Purpose Dash Camera’s

There is so many Dash Cam to choose from today, Road Angel Halo Go, Road Angel Halo Drive, Road Angel Halo Pro, Blackvue, Thinkware, Nextbase just to name a few, all offering the same yet all so different. But who does what best and why…? Parking mode is a must for any Dash Camera. To put it in simple terms it’s like having someone watching your car 24 hours a day, depending on which dash cam you chose.

A lot of the dash cams on the market list parking mode but don’t actually work how you would expect, or at least how we expect. The Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam features “Intelligent Parking Mode” but is it as you think….?. This relies on the in-built dash cam battery and g-sensor to active the camera recording. Which means your dash camera will record the incident but nothing else. So, what happens if the small battery is flat on the Nextbase… No parking mode. What if the g-sensor didn’t pick up the shock sadly it won’t record. This is similar for Thinkware products and Blackvue, how-ever you can buy an extra battery pack which mean longer time installing and could be quite costly.

How does the Road Angel Halo Dash Camera’s do it so well? The Road Angle Halo Go, Halo Drive and Halo Pro (when using the hardwire kit) will automatic switch to low power time-lapse recording mode when the G-sensor has not register movement after 15 minutes. This means your camera will be recording 24 hours a day, subject to car battery life, without an issue. The Road Angel Halo range will also revert back to normal recording when the G-sensor is activated, this mean you will have all the footage before, during and after the incident. Remember using a Road Angel Halo means you can be able to record your home surrounding too, many of our customer have managed to catch break-in and other crime on our dash camera thanks to our 24-hour recording.

Multipurpose dash cameras from Road Angel what more could you ask for!

Stay safe and protected, use a Road Angel Halo Dash Cam.