Which Dash cam is best?

Which Dash cam is best?

Well, that depends on your definition of “best”.

Are we talking, Money no object best, value for money best, easy to use best? BEST is very subjective.

I’ve had a few dash cams in my cars over the years because I live in a student city and lets be honest, whilst I drive a snazzy German number, the young lads and lasses dragging luggage to and fro, do not, nor do they have the driving experience I have in the dark, wet and snowy weather we are having and are no doubt due to have in the very near future.

My father, having been an engineer all his life would say, always buy the “best thing” you can afford, which to him would have been a set square or tool, but for me, that happened to be the Halo Pro, although my younger sibling drives a van with no rear window, so he bought the Halo Drive. Horses for courses you might say.

We bought them for the same reason; cars, after your house, the second most expensive thing you buy. My brother, like myself relies heavily on his vehicle to earn his living and the investment we make into these HUGELY depreciating, but happiness giving gas guzzlers is immense and like any sensible person, we want to protect where our money goes.

For me, the front and rear is essential as I know whilst I really take care to leave a decent stopping gap when I drive, that common sense manoeuvre seems less and less common in these contemporary times. Young, new and inexperienced drivers aren’t even taught about engine braking nowadays… go figure..

For my brother with no rear window and a hefty tow bar on the back of his Van, the rear camera wouldn’t really benefit him, but for me with big rear cluster lights, it is an absolute god send. A single cluster would cost more than what I paid for the camera AND the fitting…

The features of my Pro are too many to list and the serious tech buyer will have researched what he or she wants out of a “gadget” like the Halo before they buy. One thing I would say, is the ease of set up, 10 minutes after install and you’re on your way, happy and safe in the knowledge your HALO is safely watching over you.

What a lot of people don’t know, certainly about the cheaper end of the dash cam market, those with viewing screens on them, to drive with these showing the footage as you drive is ILLEGAL. This is considered the same distraction as watching a video on your mobile phone whilst at the wheel… a big NO NO as far as the police are concerned.

Better safe than sorry my Gran always used to say and for me, that means my Road Angel Halo Pro.