Hi Guys, We’ve been listening back to some of the feedback we’ve had over the past few months and we think its worth letting you guys know more about some of the terminology you may have heard us use when we’ve been in contact with you.
Road Angel Group Database
This is the alerts database and is maintained by our team of Road Surveyors and our Database Administration team. This database can be updated in real time, sometimes daily. This information is transmitted over the air via the SIM card in the Pure using the EE mobile network. With our new features under development and currently being beta tested, we will also send the data around ‘Smart Motorways’ using the SIM card in real time.
RSL Road Speed Library
We contract this with HERE Maps. We provide approximately quarterly updates and this file is over 400 Mb and is currently updated via the PC and Mac updater, but we have also recently launched an update to the IOS and shortly the android app, allowing the RSL to be updated via your mobile phone – when an update is required there will be a ‘usb’ icon showing on the device and a warning message on power up.
The Pure device has regular firmware updates which control the behaviour of the Pure and allows us to introduce new functionality and resolve bugs. Recently we have added management of the battery at extreme temperatures, we have changed the polling on the GPS receiver to provide a smother response and added new screen options.
Currently we are beta testing ‘Smart Motorways’ and after this, we will introduce ‘snap to road’ to reduce the false alerts when cameras are on parallel roads, but within the distance set in the device. When an update is required to the firmware, there will be a ‘usb’ icon showing on the device and a warning message on power up.