Pure NEW Firmware 0700!

Pure NEW Firmware 0700!

Who said libraries were dull? Road Angel reveals major firmware investment

Get ready for some serious upgrades over the next 12 months, as today we can reveal that Road Angel is re-investing in our Pure products - this time in the latest firmware.

The move will make our database even better, with the free Road Speed Library (RSL) now boasting live speed monitoring and reporting in place for any discrepancies to be reported to us for review.

This is the latest in a series of investments we've been working on to develop the Pure range's tech capabilities further and further - some of which would impress 007 him (or maybe even her!) self

These also include the latest RSL file Q2, which provides speed limit updates and enables the new speed monitoring software to look at the differences in road speeds and what the device displays.

Here at Road Angel, we're not resting on our laurels - there'll be more frequent RSL updates coming this year, including a new one4all app coming in Q4 of 2022. We'll be busy all year reinvesting for our customers with many exciting things coming this year!

Road Angel is now recruiting Camera spotters, giving the active subscribers the first chance to join this team of elite users! Second to this, we are also driving new applicants for Beta testing – in - order to get all the good stuff early and provide feedback to help us all have a better product/experience!

These investments are all part of the drive to make our data the best for our users and roads safer for all users. Let’s come together and help each other to get safer roads for all road users!