Halo Pro from Road Angel

Halo Pro from Road Angel

Halo Pro from Road Angel



Is there much difference between one dash cam and another? In the case of the Halo Pro from Road Angel, the answer is a definite yes, because unlike most dash cams we’ve seen at Gadget Head, this one records traffic at the front and the back of your car. These dual cameras work together to record incidents in sync, with 2K image quality in the front camera and 1K in the back. Why capture only half of the information you’ll need? A front-facing dash cam risks missing half the story, but not the Halo Pro.


Although you have two cameras to integrate instead of one, the Halo Pro isn’t intrusive. It took up far less space than I thought – once the cameras are in position, you’d hardly know they were there. The rear camera is very small and doesn’t get in the way at all, and the front camera is so flat and compact that, whilst it is visible, its position keeps it completely out of the way and you soon stop seeing it – it just becomes part of the car.


A minor detail that I loved about the Halo Pro – and it won’t feel like a minor detail when you need it! - is that the front camera can heat up against your windscreen, clearing the window and allowing it to record footage even in the ice and snow. Frankly, those sorts of weather conditions are more dangerous than usual, and accident rates go up – if there’s any time you want this camera to be able to work, it’s then.


The Halo Pro cameras capture a complete shot of your window’s view, using a 140° Viewing Angle lens. Once it detects and captures an accident, the footage is sent straight to your phone via Wifi, but the dash cam can also support SD memory cards up to 128GB in order to store your journey footage.


The Halo Pro not only has a built-in GPS, allowing it to track your journeys and identify where issues have occurred, but it also has a G-Sensor that allows it to track your speed, acceleration etc. This G-Sensor also allows the Halo Pro to protect your car whilst it’s parked; when stationary, the Halo Pro will automatically enter Parking Mode, meaning that whilst most of it powers down, it will keep watching that G-Sensor; if the care moves again, the Halo Pro will return to recording. This means it will capture footage if a car collides with yours whilst it’s parked.


However, this final mode requires a further £29.99 purchase of a hardwiring kit. Given the starting price of the Halo Pro, I would have liked to see this mode fully included in the price, or not promoted as a feature.

That aside, this is a fantastic dash cam that gives you double the protection of many. When it comes to the Halo Pro’s footage, you get both quantity and quality – you can’t say fairer than that.


Front and rear cameras
HD, 1k & 2K footage
Can support up to 128GB SD memory card
Cameras discreet
Heats windscreen to record through ice
Inbuilt GPS and G-Sensor
No subscription fees

Parking Mode requires £29.99 extra purchase