Guide to installing a Dash Cam

Guide to installing a Dash Cam

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  • Best Place or Where to position the dashcam?
  • This is the easiest one, think? It needs to get a nice clear full view to the camera lens, bear in mind the camera’s viewing angle so don’t fit this in where part of the footage captured is wasted by your car’s A-Pillar. So, looking at the spec and viewing angle anywhere surround your rear-view mirror would be the most suitable location for positioning.  


  • Where to put the rear dash cam?  (if applicable)
  • If you have a 2 Channel (Front & Rear) Dashcam you’ll have the same query about the rear. So, in principle the same applies, think about the viewing angle and anything that could block it, angle it appropriately and view your footage to make sure you are happy with your final positioning. As a general recommendation centrally mounted toward the top of the rear windscreen is best. 


  • Dashcam semi-permanent installation? What is a permanent installation? and semi-permanent?
  • In all honesty, there are 2 mains methods of wiring a Dash Camera. The semi-permanent methods which involved Hardwiring the camera into the Vehicles onboard fused power circuit, which can often allow high-end dashcams like Road Angel to have the Parking mode and Winter Mode features! Giving you 24/7 protection and protection from ice covering your camera’s lens! This method often means the vehicle is protected at all times whether ignition is on or off (when the vehicle is parked up). Method #2 is not permanent wiring but wiring using the cars exisitign12v socket. Dashcams will all come with a 12v plug to power the dash camera and allow for a simpler installation which in a sense more “portable” although dash cams are not designed in this way! They are designed to stay in the vehicle and protect it and logically, when you move on to the next vehicle it can move along with you! - this is also the same for Semi-permanent wiring (Hardwired Dash Cams!) 


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