Does A Dash Cam Lower Insurance?

Does A Dash Cam Lower Insurance?

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Dash cam footage is increasingly being accepted in insurance claims and can even lead to insurance discounts. Motorists who install dash cams can use them to demonstrate safe driving and show who is at fault in a road accident, something which can save each party a lot of time and money.

In fact, dash cam footage is now widely used by police and UK courts as evidence, proving how useful it can be for proving the innocence of safe drivers. Consequently insurers in the UK are beginning to offer discounts for their premium insurance policies if drivers agree to install a dash cam.

Which insurers offer discounts for dash cams?

The following insurance companies currently offer* discounts for installing a dash cam:

  • AXA - 10% off with selected dash cams
  • Swiftcover - 12.5% off with selected dash cams
  • Adrian Flux - 15% off with selected dash cams
  • MyFirstUK - up to 30% for young drivers with selected dash cams
  • Admiral - variable rates depending on factors like age and location
  • Diamond - variable rates depending on factors like age and location
  • Elephant - variable rates depending on factors like age and location

* Correct as of 26.01.21

If you are unsure if your insurer offers discounts for dash cams, always enquire with them directly.

How much can you save on car insurance with a dash cam?

The amount a dash cam can lower yearly car insurance depends on a variety of factors, including age, location, time spent with the insurer and more. The best way to find out is to add your dash cam as a modification in your insurance policy and speak to the insurer either online or on the phone.

Can your dash cam work against you?

Dash cam footage records all activity on the road, including the driving of the person in whose car the dash cam is installed. Careless driving by either party will be caught on camera and is potentially admissible in court as evidence.

If you fail to provide dash cam footage following an accident despite having one installed, your insurer may be able to invalidate your discounted policy and request that you repay any discounts. Dash cams should therefore act as a reminder to drive safely at all times.

Do you have to tell your insurance about a dash cam?

Some insurers may classify a dash cam as a modification and therefore charge you premiums on top of your normal insurance policy. Always check with your insurer what their rules are regarding dash cams to ensure you do not break their rules and invalidate your policy.

Choosing a dash cam

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