Dash Cams added to BTCC champion cars

Since British Cycling adopted the philosophy of ‘marginal gains’ with great success in 2003, top teams have sought minor improvements in different aspects of performance to improve results.

An innovative partnership between Road Angel and champion British Touring Car team, NAPA Racing, will see dash cams used for the first time as a performance aid in the world of competitive motor racing.

Road Angel dash cams will be fitted into NAPA race cars during testing, allowing the team to record what the driver sees on the track. 

NAPA Race car

The move is set to revolutionise testing ahead of the new season and is an example of how high-achieving sports teams can use existing technology to achieve marginal gains on track.

Video of each testing session will be downloaded by the team, allowing them to study footage of every braking point and driving line taken back at base.

BTCC rules prohibit the use of cameras at race events, so the team will attach the dash cam ahead of each test to capture as much detailed information as possible ahead of race day.

Dash cam technology has come a long way

We are used to seeing dash cams being used in personal and commercial vehicles to provide evidence should the need to make a claim arise, reduce insurance costs, protect against fraud, and provide real-time safety features.

But technological advancements in recent years have allowed Road Angel to create products capable of recording in a high enough resolution with image stabilisation technology capable of providing a high-quality stable image even at racing speeds around an undulating, bumpy race track.

Halo Ultra selected for use by NAPA Racing

The dash cams are the same model and specification available to consumers and are attached to the race cars at the top of the windscreen to capture the best view of the road.

Halo Ultra Which Best Buy Awarded dashcam

The Halo Ultra is packed with state-of-the-art image processing technology allowing motorists to capture every detail in 4k UHD, and comes with 64GB of onboard memory.

The cameras are designed to perform at high speed, handling the bumps and rolls as the cars race around corners at speeds of over 140 mph.

The latest image sensors combined with image stabilisation technology to counteract car vibrations that would otherwise blur the image to provide the team with footage of what their drivers’ see on the track. 

A first for dash cam use in motorsport

The partnership between the road safety technology provider and the British Touring Car champions sees the safety devices being used to enhance the performance of a top motorsport team for the first time.

The British Touring Car champions chose to partner with Road Angel and use their dash cams to provide live and recorded footage of testing because of the importance of capturing every moment of action in as much detail as possible.

Rob Sherratt, NAPA Racing UK Commercial Marketing Manager said: “We are delighted for NAPA Racing UK to be partnering with Road Angel for the 2024 British Touring Car Championship. 

“The Road Angel Halo 4k dash cameras are being tested, and we can’t wait to start capturing footage that we are sure our fans will love.  

“We are looking forward to enjoying a successful season ahead working with Road Angel as part of the team.”

Following a stunning 2023 season that saw NAPA Racing UK win the BTCC Drivers’, Manufacturers’, and Teams’ Championships, the team will once again be hoping to come out on top in the biggest series in the UK.

Gary Digva, the visionary behind Road Angel, hopes its dash cams can help the team to glory and is excited to be partnering with NAPA Racing UK.

He said: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with a team at the pinnacle of British motorsport.

“NAPA Racing leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence and we share those values at Road Angel.

“The Halo Ultra dash cams being used by the team utilise state-of-the-art image capture, stabilisation, and processing technology to provide a better quality, clearer image even in the most extreme racing environments.

“To see the cameras in place in a championship-winning car fills everyone at Road Angel with pride and we can’t wait to start seeing the footage from testing.

“We will be sure to share it with our customers on our website and social channels as soon as we have it available.

“In the meantime, we wish NAPA Racing the best of luck as they continue with their preparations for the coming season.

The arrangement will also see Road Angel logos form part of the race car livery for the forthcoming 2024 season, starting on 27th April at Donnington Park.